Pappersmamman och Papperspappan

It means paper mum and paper dad in Swedish.

We are Lina and Mats, a Swedish couple who came up with the idea of Pappersmamman as an extension of successful @moonrevolver where Lina has been illustrating and printing popular moon calendars since 2017.

We wanted to share more than only moon stuff and decided to gather everything under the same roof. At Pappersmamman you can find all our illustrated posters, in different categories.

All posters are designed by Lina and printed on high quality paper either in Sweden or Italy by digital printing and screen printing. The quantities are kept low to make it more exclusive.

We pack every order carefully and use only material that can be recycled or reused.

The paper we use

We use only FSC® certified paper, most of the qualities are recycled. The thickness of the posters varies between delicate yet durable 170g and resilient 300g.

As a further step towards a more sustainable thinking, we have started to collect old moon calendars of past years, as well as other paper products to make our own paper. Get in touch with us if you want to hand in your old calendar. We offer you a promo code in return. 

Photo: Annika Berglund


...The recycling of paper is the process by which waste paper is turned into new paper products. It has a number of important benefits: It saves waste paper from occupying homes of people and producing methane as it breaks down. Because paper fibre contains carbon (originally absorbed by the tree from which it was produced), recycling keeps the carbon locked up for longer and out of the atmosphere...

...Paper production accounts for about 35% of felled trees,[7] and represents 1.2% of the world's total economic output.[8] Recycling one ton of newsprint saves about 1 ton of wood while recycling 1 ton of printing or copier paper saves slightly more than 2 tons of wood...

...The Energy Information Administration claims a 40% reduction in energy when paper is recycled versus paper made with unrecycled pulp,  while the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) claims a 64% reduction. Some calculations show that recycling one ton of newspaper saves about 4,000 kWh (14 GJ) of electricity...This is enough electricity to power a 3-bedroom European house for an entire year, or enough energy to heat and air-condition the average North American home for almost six months...*



Pappersmamman is intended to act as a platform for independent artists and innovative companies. Exclusive quantities and limited edition collaborations.

As a start we only represent our own companies, but as we grow the plan is to involve more people.

Moon Revolver

Instagram account that started in 2016 that collects moon related photos and information. Horoscopes every new and full moon. Products for sale include the popular Moon Calendar.

@moonrevolver #moonrevolver


is an artist-driven music company and recording studio with its base in Stockholm. Products for sale include the innovative Chords poster.

@lab259 #lab259